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These are the ten most notable dismissals of the year



2018 was a turbulent year of dismissal. From hundreds of published dismissal cases, we selected the most extraordinary with labor law lawyer Maarten van Gelderen  .

1. 628,000 euros for men who refuse to be transferred to England It is the highest severance pay of this year:  over 6 tons . The project manager at event organization ATP Services was awarded the amount after he had been sent out in a brutal manner after 34 years. His job was transferred to England, but he refused. The judge did not have a good word for the way the company had dealt with the loyal employee. The judge came to this amount by adding the employee’s income and pension damage up to his retirement age, in addition to the transition payment.

2.  Immediate dismissal due to incorrect LinkedIn profileAn employee who until recently was employed as a marketing consultant did not adjust his LinkedIn profile when he was replaced in the position of account manager. His employer demanded that he change it: “As requested last week, you need to adjust your linkedin profile, you will no longer do pr and marketing for your well-known reasons. Please do it today !!! ‘ The employer dismisses the employee for that reason on the spot. Rightly so, judges the judge. The employee’s defense that his LinkedIn profile is his property does not find mercy in court. 

3. Street racing pilot was not allowed to be fired.Casper van W., who was involved in a lethal street race in Loosdrecht,  was not allowed to be fired  . Casper van W. and his father Walter drove in March 2016 at high speed over the Nieuw-Loosdrechtsedijk. Father Walter drove more than 150 kilometers per hour and rammed the young Fleur’s car with his Porsche. She was seriously injured in the accident and died two weeks later. The fact that the pilot has once been extremely dangerous in traffic does not mean that he can not perform his duties, judges the judge. A few months later the pilot left.

4. Striptease in canteen is a high- profile employee. What a party had to be for 12.5 years of service at FloraHolland’s flower auction in Honselersdijk was turned out for an employee on his resignation. The 59-year-old employee received 125 euros from his employer and would treat them to a croquette or cup of soup. The approximately thirty invited colleagues were surprised by a  female stripper  who threw everything into the fight during her comic strip act. Moreover, the man had brought his own sound set to announce what kind of bad employer FloraHolland would be. The judge ruled that the trust has been damaged, the man has been dismissed.  

. Pro-manual employee ProRail remains in serviceProRail dismissed a 58-year-old  traffic controller  on the spot, after the man had touched a female colleague during a Christmas party. The man asked why she never wore nice dresses again. When the woman replied that she had arrived at six kilos, the man had ‘exaggerated obliquely’ to look at her buttocks, which he had certainly touched twice. The resignation ‘fits in with the context of the current # MeToo discussion’, according to ProRail. Although the judge refers to the pangs as ‘very low-to-the-ground’, immediate dismissal is not yet justified. 

6. Financial director Pathé can not be dismissed on the spot. A  fraudulent party  reported to the financial director on 8 March via a fake e-mail address as director of Pathé’s French headquarters. From that name, the fraudsters asked for money several times, supposedly to finance the purchase of a company in Dubai. In total, he transferred over 19 million euros to the scammers’ account. Pathé dismissed the employee after a survey and was of the opinion that the employee had ignored a large number of red flags . The judge annulled this immediate dismissal, but concluded that the employee had acted culpably. On this last ground his contract was still dissolved.

7. Dismissal for Kruidvat’s salesperson using the Nivea testerThe Kruidvat salesperson used a Nivea Care tester during working hours that was given to customers free of charge if they had spent more than 10 euros in the shop. She confessed and was dismissed on the spot. According to the court in Rotterdam Kruidvat has a number of strict rules of conduct and the employee was aware of these rules. It is precisely a retail organization such as Kruidvat that has to deal with an increased risk of theft or embezzlement by its own personnel can apply strict rules of conduct, even if it concerns the theft of an article with a small value, according to the judge.

8. Young colleague kissing the mouth leads to resignation A 56-year-old employee unexpectedly kissed his 20-year-old colleague. The colleague in question was very shocked and affected. According to the judge, the man was rightly dismissed on account of his cross-border behavior.

That according to the man there was a joke and that he had offered his apologies, according to the judge, this did not change. According to the judge, the man should have been aware of the unequal relationship. Not only because of the age difference, but also because he was responsible for the training and guidance of this young female colleague.

9. No dismissal and 100,000 euros for drunken employeeA  warehouse manager  who, after an earlier warning, appeared unguided at work was dismissed on the spot. The employee fought this dismissal up to the Supreme Court and … was put in the right.

According to the judge, the employer had not properly complied with her own alcohol and drug policy. It stated that an employee with a structural alcohol problem would be eligible for an aid plan. However, this aid plan was not offered to the employee. The length of his employment (25 years) and the fact that there was no hearing and rebuttal also led to the conclusion that the dismissal had to be reversed.

Because the case lasted more than two and a half years, the employer had to pay over 100,000 euros in overdue wages and statutory increases retroactively.

10. Musical producer has to pay employee 50,000 euros after brief rejection for audition.An employee in the musical industry was rejected by multiple auditions because he ‘played jazzy’ and would not have a ‘groove’. The employee considered it a brief rejection and did not trust the objectivity of the assessment of his auditions.

The judge agreed with the employee on this point. According to the judge, it was established that the employee had sufficient professional knowledge and experience. It was up to the employer to ensure that the result of an audition was measurable in a certain way. By rejecting this employee in this way, the employer had acted seriously blameworthy. The judge ordered the employer to pay an (extra) severance payment of 50,000 euros.


The most expensive house in the world is in Hong Kong: 681,000 euros per square meter




The most expensive house in the world is located in Hong Kong in the exclusive district of The Peak, the most expensive neighborhood of the Chinese metropolis. The villa, which is currently for sale, has a price tag of almost 447 million dollars (about 392 million euros).

The luxurious villa from 1991 has an outdoor swimming pool, four bedrooms with private bathrooms and a garage for two cars. The future owner can indulge in a garden of 15 hectares. Anyone interested in purchasing the villa after a visit should have a well-stocked wallet. The house, 575 square meters, costs 681,000 euros per square meter. 

The house has been for sale for a while via the real estate branch of the famous Christie’s auction house . According to the French newspaper Le Figaro , the stool is in the hands of the management of the Asian holding company Chuang’s Consortium International. The management bought the house in 2014 for barely 16 million euros. 

Very expensive housing market

In the Netherlands we can complain about the situation on the housing market , but Chinese people also have a hard time in Hong Kong. The city has been the least affordable residential market in the world for eight years in a row. Only a parking space can already cost 600,000 euros there. The Chinese city has more than 7.1 million inhabitants and is considered one of the most densely populated places in the world (an average of 6,541 people per square kilometer). 

Aid organizations called on the local government several times to invest more in affordable housing. A research report that Reuters published earlier this year shows that 1 in 5 residents of Hong Kong live below the poverty line.

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Trade shows recover spectacularly from Christmas diving




It keeps running or standing still at the fairs. The stock exchange in Japan showed a strong recovery today. 

Investors in Asia drew attention to the spectacular revival on Wall Street, where the Dow Jones index once showed the biggest increase in points during a trading session.

The spectacular recovery followed after the worst Christmas Eve at the New York Stock Exchange ever. Concerns about the US economy and the erratic policies of the once-backfired President Trump declined due to strong figures on consumer spending in the United States during the holidays. On the New York Stock Exchange, the damage of the past few weeks was partially repaired. 

After the worst week since the financial crisis of 2008, it also went down hard on Christmas Eve . The offensive of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin who visited the country’s main bank managers may have helped. He had to take away the fear that President Trump, in his anger, wanted to get rid of the independent director of the American central bank because he had dared to raise interest rates. Against the likes of Trump. 

Talk in

Steve Mnuchin, according to Donald Trump "a very talented guy" (archie photo)
Steve Mnuchin, according to Donald Trump “a very talented guy” (archery photo) © AP

Sources in Washington report that minister and former banker Steve Mnuchin has talked about Trump and also taught him some of his powers. Trump regards Mnuchin as “a smart boy” and “a talented guy”, as he once put it himself in tweets. Trump would also like to accept something from Mnuchin, according to insiders. For example, a US president may not dismiss the director of the central bank at all unless the latest offenses have been committed. A rate hike is not covered, though Trump may think so. There is a lot of talk in Washington where a panic mood seemed to prevail on Christmas Eve. Senior Congressmen of the two major parties have also pointed out to the president that an impetuous dismissal from Powell could have disastrous consequences. Investors would lose confidence in the central bank, with global consequences. And in that case the dive of the shares on Christmas Eve risked to be just a mosquito cut compared to the big blow. 


In a more carefully formulated resubmission on twitter, Trump showed himself to be remarkably more moderate. ‘She (the American central bank) raises interest rates too quickly. That is my opinion, but I certainly trust. I think it will be okay. She raises interest rates because she thinks that the economy is doing well. But I think she will understand it quickly. “

‘We have the best companies in the world and they are doing very well. Their numbers achieve records. So I think this is an exceptional buying opportunity (on the stock markets, ed.). The only problem for our economy is the Fed. That does not feel the market. ‘

All that does not take away that uncertainty prevails. The shutdown still plays. Most public services are at risk of falling or are already closed. The trade quarrel with China has also not been resolved and there are many domestic problems around Donald Trump.

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Wall Street is already part of its profits




The stock markets show a volatile price trend on Thursday. At the opening of Wall Street, the stock market lost part of the profits of the Boxing Day. More red and green signs could be seen today at European exhibitions.

The Dow Jones index recorded 1.1 percent lower at 22,637 points shortly after the opening bell. The broad S & P 500 dropped 0.9 percent to 2444 points and technology counselor Nasdaq also lost 0.9 percent, at 6497 points. 

A day earlier, the indicators increased by more than 5 percent, helped by good figures on US consumer spending during the holiday season. Retail spending in the US amounted to more than $ 850 billion, the highest level in six years. 


The mobility is partly caused by the meager trade at the end of the year. Price movements are thereby enlarged. Profit-taking also plays a role. The shutdown of the American government will also keep the moods on the stock market busy. The US Department of Commerce, for example, let it suspend publications about economic figures for the time being. 

Until there is a new budget, no macroeconomic reports will be published, the Ministry said. This week figures would come out about the sale of new homes, the goods trade and the wholesale stocks. The US stock exchanges are thus unable to hold onto the recovery after the worst Christmas Eve at the New York Stock Exchange. 

The European stock exchanges also did not follow up on Thursday the spectacular rise Wall Street showed a day earlier. The AEX index on Beursplein 5, for example, saw an earlier solid profit decline and rose by 0.4 percent at noon at 480.23 points. The Midcap rose 0.8 percent to 636.18 points. Paris won 0.1 percent and London fell 0.6 percent. The German DAX and the Milan stock exchange, which closed for the first three days of the week, fell 1.4% and 0.9%. 

In Asia, the Nikkei  fully benefited  Thursday morning: the Japanese stock market index won a small 4 percent. Several Asian exchanges could not benefit, as Hong Kong and Shanghai showed small losses.

The Amsterdam stock exchange.
The Amsterdam stock exchange. © ANP


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